Creative Watercolour Classes


I am no longer running classes in Topsham but will return to running occasional workshops in watercolour in 2022 in my own village of Lympstone

When I do, this is what you can expect;

A key element of my courses is the use of unconventional, found natural materials alongside good quality brands of paint and ink. A spring tide can bring in driftwood sticks which make wonderful mark making tools for drawing.   Inspiration will be from the harbour and shoreline. During each course we look in turn at one of the 5 main elements of drawing: line, space, proportion, tone and the whole. Both expressive and technical skills are covered. 


These courses encourage a loose and lively approach to watercolour painting. We  always start with the question:

'What happens when we release colour from description - if we used colour as an end in itself?'


 We will explore and enjoy the unique translucent qualities of watercolour and organic pigments from the locality. Experimenting with washes will reveal that colour does not always need to be trapped within linear contours. Classes are for all abilities.


For more details on available classes or for any bookings; contact me at:

Class sizes now limited to 6


Creative watercolour workshops


Starting back 2022









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