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Drawing Breath

From the archive - this course may be repeated.

Meditation with life drawing 6th & 7th of April 2019 at the School of Art and Wellbeing, Honiton.

Includes lunches and materials  £195

Over this weekend there will be short yoga relaxation sessions in between times set for drawing the model. Simple breathing meditation techniques (Swami Vishnu Devananda yoga practice) are led by Lesley Oakley. The approach is to lead on from conscious breathing to the drawing to help create a calmer more focused connection with the subject . Letting go of worries about 'results' will also see you enjoying the process of observation and the feel of the materials. 

The artist Theresa Antonellis, who creates artworks based on her breathing (One Breath/One Line) states,

“Each mark is made in response to the mark made previously, and is a response to the quality of materials and to my breath at that very moment. The physicality of the material; ink, paper, body, breath, informs every decision. This practice, with its commitment to these materials and to these rules is transformative.”

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