I live in Lympstone, Devon and find my location an inspiration for work.  Recently I have been reflecting on our human desire to leave land and the ways we find to do this. Swimming in the estuary, I am always aware of the moment my feet leave the ground. I was born on a boat to parents who lived on the water. 


Since lockdown I've had to draw the perimeters in and now paint what is within a few minutes walk, swim or kayak from my front door. I love the endless potential for subject matter within this circumscribed space.


I enjoy exploring effects of translucency, layering colours as glazes in gesso, ink and watercolour; methods that show what lies beneath the surface. The village is one of the few in the area where there is still small scale commercial fishing. My practice is partly an attempt to document this activity and record the ebb and flow of life that revolves around the harbour.

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Devon based Artist