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Original paintings are inspired by the Exe estuary which edges my home village of Lympstone. 

Observations are from both the shoreline looking out, and from the water looking back.  Regular swims in the estuary help inform creative ideas.

'Years ago when sailors set sail from Lympstone, on the River Exe, to head across the seas to Nova Scotia the moon and stars would be their guide. A whole ocean and adventure lay before them…
Louise Banks captures this sense of time and space so perfectly and entwines it with small boat journeys to new lives taken by many in the world today. The Sea Plate Series and the stories they tell are both powerful and beautiful.
' Seaglass Gallery

I work in two main styles and media: watercolour paints on white heavyweight paper, shown here, and 

mixed watercolour-based paints (gouache, ink and gesso) on stretched Kraft paper. These are shown on a different page. Some are available as giclee prints

If interested in buying please contact me at and visit The Seaglass Gallery.

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