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A Brief Look at Blues from my Watercolour Pallete

Another short video looking at some of the blues I use in my paintings. I start by looking briefly at three types of blue. There are a wide range on the market but these will give you lots of options.

My particular approach to watercolour is to keep to a three primary colour pallete (red, yellow, blue). I tend not to buy secondary colours (orange, green, violet) as I prefer to mix my own with my chosen tubes of primary colours. This way I feel I can attain a better colour harmony and mood in the painting and prevent it from becoming too ‘rainbowy’. For example any green that appears will be made from the particular blue and yellow that I have used elsewhere in the painting. This way the colours relate to each other rather than ‘clash’ or diminish each other.

Note: I realise I keep saying French Ultramarine while showing an Ultramarine tube! Both are warm blues though French Ultramarine is the warmest and more granulating.

Watch a video where I use some of these colours in my artwork.

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