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Harbour Watercolour demo: watch my painting come to life!

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

This video demonstrates my starting point to the painting of the village waterfront already featured (Red Ladder at Low Tide). I hope it reflects in an honest way the downs along with the ups of attempting a finished artwork. I begin by showing a painting that just didn’t work for me and that I am attempting for a second time.

Video editing can give the lie that artists knock out their ‘masterpieces’ in one go and that achieving instant results is possible or even desirable. Far too often art demo videos show an unrealistic version of the journey from start to finish. The creative process is rarely that seamless trajectory to success that many artists in front of the camera give the impression it is. As most of you will know, it’s a question of trial and error – you often follow a route that falters at various stages or becomes one you never intended to set out on. Highs and lows, frustrations, accidents, mistakes all play their essential part and teach you more than you often realise or even lead you to surprising beneficial turns.

This painting of the Lympstone village waterfront shows a loose, contemporary watercolour approach. It covers techniques of creating water reflection effects with ink layers and glazes. I also use masking fluid as a mark making medium.

Watch the next video where I add pen detail to the same watercolour painting.

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